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Lesson & Training Program

RGB Training & Sales offers riding lessons for “Serious Riders and Competitors”. RGB offers riding lessons on location at Hobbit Hollow Stables and off location dependent on availability on an appointment basis only. Lessons are taught in the Hunter Seat & Saddle Seat Discipline with a strong basis in Hunter Seat Equitation. Lessons can be provided on RGB Training & Sales owned horses or on privately owned horses. Ronald encourages all levels and all riders to give it a try, from 4-94 ! Riding lessons run a weekly basis, it is strongly encouraged that riders lessons one to two lessons per week.


  • 40 Minute Private/Group Lesson Non Owner/Leasing $40
  • 40 Minute Private/Group Lesson Owner/Leasing Customers $35
Lesson Packages
  • Level 1 Lesson  – Five ½ Hour Private/Group Lessons $175
  • Level 1 Lesson – Owner/Leasing Customers $160
  • Level 2 Lesson – Ten ½ Hour Private/Group Lessons $350
  • Level 2 Lesson – Owner/Leasing Customers $345


  • Full Care Board $425
  • Full Training Board (Five rides/week, full care board) $725
  • Half Training Board (Three rides/week, full care board) $625
  • Training Ride – Once a week $25
  • Training Ride – Two times or more per week $20


Please contact for multiple training horses, riders and horse show rates.

How RGB cools off during the hot summer days….


Sometimes we even get some riding in….