Our Sale Horses

RGB Training & Sales always offers a wide selection of quality horses for sale and will help you find that perfect mount in the future. Please contact Ronnie for the most updated list, below are some past sale horses and current sale horses.

Bii Psyrengeti+++/
RGB Training & Sales proudly offers Bii Psyrengeti+++/ an AHA Registered (#572488) Breeders Sweepstake Nominated Gelding for your consideration. This purebred gelding is a joy to ride, work and enjoy. “Billy” excels in the Hunter Sport Horse Division, he has a 2013 National Top Ten SHUS, 2014 Region 16 Arabian Geldings SHIH Open Championship, 2014 Region 16 Arabian SHUS Open Championship, 2014 Region 16 W/T Showmanship Reserve Championship with other numerous titles. He is working on multiple legions of merits which will be awarded at the end of 2014. No prep needed before classes, he can walk off the trailer and compete. Perfect for the Amateur/Junior Rider. ¬†Please private message for more details. Priced at $30,000
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